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Area Four Industries to have a landmark show at LDI!

This year’s LDI show in Las Vegas will be really special for our portfolio of brands and we’re looking forward to seeing you there! Visit our MILOS, LITEC, TOMCAT, JTE, EXE Technology and Mobiltechlifts brands in booth #1115, and our Prolyte brand in Booth #2551. All have a lot of exciting surprises waiting for you. Be the first to discover them!
Here are a few hints of what’s in store…
Our MILOS brand is coming to the show with selected models from their extensive aluminium truss series’, as well as having almost all of the cell clamps they offer on display. A few truss and truss accessory surprises recently introduced on the market will also be waiting for you.

You’ll definitely want to be one of the first to see them!

LITEC will be on hand to provide information about their industry standard aluminium truss systems & self-standing structures. You can also learn more about their new, innovative PR60 Revolution Pre-Rig Truss. Designed without bracing on the underside, the PR60 allows for moving or fixed lighting fixtures to be pre-rigged inside the truss before arriving at the venue. And due to innovative skate carriages that slide along “C” profiles that act as rails, one person can easily mount moving light fixtures by themselves.
TOMCAT will be unveiling a totally new and innovative truss connection accessory that will allow you to be more creative with truss spans. The curtain will also be raised on two new, unconventional truss sizes you’re not expecting and two new accessories that help with the storage, rigging and movement of your truss stock. As always, selected models from their Light duty and Medium duty truss series’ will be on display.
JTE will also be waltzing in with a big surprise you surely don’t want to miss, especially if you’re working with LED displays. You don’t want to miss it! Selected truss from their GP and SuperTruss series’ will also be featured in the booth.
The newest brand in Area Four Industries, Prolyte, will be at the show their new team that’s ready to meet with you. In the spotlight with be their game-changing Verto truss, which features a rotating coupler system that's silent, tool-free and allows you to assemble your truss structures up 10 times faster than truss with standard connection systems! Also on display will be their popular LSU series that facilitates the safe erection of LED systems at ground level or suspended.
EXE Technology is coming fully loaded to the show with live demonstrations of models from their extremely popular EXE Rise electric hoist range, which comes with a D8 Plus safety rating as standard. You will also witness the USA debut of their new single reeve 2 ton EXE Rise hoist!
The exciting DST system (Dynamic Stack Tracks) from EXE Technology will be set up at the booth as well and have live demonstrations every day of the show. DST is a multi-purpose built-in rail system with modules that can move LED screens, scenery and lights, and can be controlled with the most common control systems on the market.
And, of course, Mobiltechlifts will be ready to give you more information about their telescopic, line array and multi-purpose lifts. Make sure to drop by and see how Mobiltechlifts packs 596 lbs. of lifting capacity into 21 feet!
We’re looking forward to providing you with a very exciting experience at this year’s LDI Show and making some waves with the new, innovative products from our portfolio of brands.
See you soon!
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