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Thanks for visiting us at PLASA Show 2020
Thanks goes out to everyone who visited us at this year’s PLASA Show in London.
EXTREME Support with MILOS Ultra High-Strength Steel Truss
For more than 25 years, our MILOS brand has produced high quality aluminium truss for some of the world’s leading live event production companies.
A4i.tv Video Release – Xstage S10 Advanced Design Stage Deck
Our Xstage brand has just released a video on A4i.tv that puts the spotlight on its new, advanced design stage deck – the S10! 
Meet JTE’s heavy-duty quatro truss team – JT30H and JT40H!
The JT30H and JT40H quatro truss ranges from our JTE brand satisfy a wide spectrum of heavy-duty and super heavy-duty support structure needs. 
Mobiltechlifts ML3 - Lifting and Supporting Your Line Arrays
The ML3 from our Mobiltechlifts brand provides superior lifting strength in a small footprint when elevating your line arrays for wide dispersion and coverage during live events. 
Norbert Tripp Presents at PLASA

“Temporary Outdoor LED Screen Structures”
Let’s Meet at PLASA
It’s PLASA time again and we’re looking forward to another great show from 15 – 17 September at the Olympia London.
20,000+ industry professionals show their appreciation for A4i.tv
After launching the world’s first online trussing and rigging video portal in 2018, A4i.tv now has more than 20,000 industry professionals from across the globe tuning in to discover its ever-increasing informative and entertaining videos.
A4i.tv Video Release - Going LARGE with EXE RISE!
Adam Beaumont (UK - EXE Technology Brand Manager) is back again in the newest video release on A4i.tv and he is going LARGE!
Mobiltechlifts ML4 lifts your heaviest loads
The ML4 from our Mobiltechlifts brand is your "extra duty” lifting partner that packs 270 kg (596 lbs) of loading capacity into 6.5 m (21.3’).
MILOS Corner Brace HD - The guy wire EXECUTIONER!
The latest video release on A4i.tv exposes the dark side of MILOS innovation.
Xstage S10
Our Xstage brand is continuing to build up its stock of S10 stage decks to satisfy increasing demand for its strong but lightweight design!
JTE Quatro (4CF30) Truss – Medium-duty conical solution
The QUATRO (4CF30) aluminium truss from our JTE brand is the right choice for your medium-duty structural requirements.
A4i.tv Video Release - EXE RISE Medium Frame Hoist
Click on the link below to see the latest video from EXE Technology, where Adam Beaumont   
New MILOS Armor Cart video released on A4i.tv
Check out the new video release on A4i.tv that puts the new MILOS Armor Cart in the spotlight!
Learn why the MILOS Ultimate Hinge deserves the name ULTIMATE!
Watch the latest video release on A4i.tv about the ULTIMATE in truss hinges – the new ULTIMATE HINGE from MILOS!
Mobiltechlifts ML2 delivers compact lifting strength
Discover heavy lifting capacity in a small footprint with the ML2 range from our Mobiltechlifts brand. 
ZIG-ZAG - TOMCAT’s unique folding pre-rig truss concept
Zig-Zag truss from TOMCAT combines the advantages of Pre-Rigged Truss - speedy load-in/load-out and efficient truck packing – with a hinging spigot design for easy folding of the truss system for efficient storage/travel and trouble-free unfolding via vertical lift and pinning applications.
Continuing focus on conical in EMEA
The efforts of our JTE Europe brand in 2019 and beyond will continue to be on their affordable conical truss line for the EMEA region.
EXE Technology and Xstage impress at Stage Set Scenery
The EXE Technology and Xstage brands had a successful first outing at the Stage Set Scenery Show in Berlin last week.
TOMCAT’s Lighting Pod allows for larger and more flexible “Walls of Light”
The Lighting Pod from TOMCAT expands the flexibility and scale of your walls of light compared to traditional truss profiles.
Xstage S10 – Lightweight stage deck that maintains impressive loading
The new S10 stage deck from our Xstage brand is a top performer for small to large events.
A4i.tv Video Release - Getting to know the EXE Rise hoist range
In the newest video release on A4i.tv, Adam Beaumont (EXE Technology Brand Manager) introduces you to the popular EXE Rise electric hoist range.
Demystifying TIG and MIG welding
Today we’re going to pull back the curtain and reveal the inner workings of the well-known welding methods TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) and MIG (Metal Inert Gas), both of which are used at the MILOS factory.
Increased strength for MILOS M290 short truss segments
Our MILOS brand has just introduced a redesign of short truss segments in their M290 range, which incorporates thicker bracing tubes.
MILOS keeps your roof canopies stretched TIGHT!
Say goodbye to pesky water pooling and canopy flapping in the wind.
Milos Summer Holidays
We would like to inform you that MILOS headquarters and factory will be closed from 15 – 28 July for our annual summer holidays.
A stage deck for every need
Our decks are the professionals’ choice for creating portable, modular, professional grade stages.
Visit EXE Technology and Xstage at Stage Set Scenery in Berlin
Come see EXE Technology and Xstage in Hall 21 Stand 111 for their very first appearance at the Stage Set Scenery show in Berlin from 18 – 20 June.
Safe and Secure Hoist Transport
Introducing the Armor Cart, a new hoist utility vehicle that provides safe and convenient transport and storage for up to four of your hoists.
Understanding the Conical Connector Video Release
We’ve just released the second video in our truss connection systems series on A4i.tv, where Dipl-Ing. Norbert Tripp
MILOS Steel Truss Now in Denmark
Popularity of the MILOS steel truss line is expanding throughout Europe!
MILOS Product Academy held in Czech and China
The MILOS Product Academy experienced another two successful editions this year in both the Czech Republic and China.
Enter our world with A4 Magazine
Your entrance to the world of MILOS and Area Four Industries is within the pages of the annual A4
Understanding the Beaufort scale
A brand new video has just been released on A4i.tv about the Beaufort scale - a well-known wind measurement system but not well understood.
Inspiration by Leonardo da Vinci
The month of May marks 500 years since the death of genius and Renaissance man Leonardo da Vinci.
A4i.tv video release on spigot connectors
A4i.tv has just released the first video of a four part series on truss connection systems.
Quick roof construction, Increased stage access
The MILOS Corner Brace HD is a new, advanced roof corner reinforcement concept that eliminates the need for guy wires
Visit us at PLASA Leeds
We’re ramping up for the PLASA Leeds show once again this year
Deconstructing the Structural Report
In the newest technical video release on A4i.tv, Area Four Industries Technical Director Dipl-Ing. Norbert Tripp takes you on a journey to discover all that goes into creating Structural Reports.
Versatile transport and storage of light fixtures
The new Meat Rack from MILOS gives you a convenient transport and storage solution for your light
Live Product Presentations at Prolight + Sound
Visit the largest ever Area Four Industries stand at this year’s Prolight + Sound exhibition (Hall 12.0, Stand E65)...
Exclusive Look Inside The Rigger’s Voice Forum
Area Four Industries has just released a new video that takes you inside their annual Rigger’s Voice forum,...
A4i.tv releases two new videos from Norbert Tripp
Join us on our on-going educational journey through the wonderful world of trussing and rigging...
Increase your product, trussing and structural knowledge
Equip yourself, the members of your sales team, your customers, and/or your business partners with a deeper knowledge of MILOS...
LITEC MyT Folding Steroid Roof System dominates in Naples
We’ve just released a new video dedicated to our MyT Folding Steroid Roof System...
EXE Technology wraps up a 40-city workshop tour in Hong Kong
The EXE Technology training team had an extremely busy 2018, holding electric hoist training workshops
Full Dome Projection System using MILOS truss
We’ve just finished a massive, custom-designed, truss circle (22 meter diameter!)...
MILOS Steel Truss wins Gold Star Product Award
The new steel truss line from MILOS won a Gold Star Award for ...
Tighter and more rattle-free connections
We’ve added a new rubber bushing to our M8 threaded truss pin, which reduces the risk ...
World Debut of MILOS Steel Truss Towers in windy Berlin
Despite strong gusts of wind in cold and rainy weather conditions, around 600,000 people from Germany...
MILOS flexes its ninja muscles in Helsinki
MILOS recently provided a rectangular structure for a Ninja Adventure course...
MILOS and Xstage in Prague
MILOS and Xstage were invited by their Czech customer, LightNeq, to a workshop ...
Thriving on the most challenging projects
Demand from customers across Europe is ever increasing for more sophisticated structures ...
NEW 3D DWG Libraries release for MILOS systems
We are pleased to announce the release of our latest 3D component libraries...
Come see us at LDI!
Visit Area Four Industries Booth #2127 at this year’s LDI show
Light, strong and fully connectable
The new S10 deck from Xstage is your lightweight choice in top staging performance ...
A4I.tv releases a new educational video series with Eric Porter
Area Four Industries mentors four of the world’s largest truss...
Area Four Industries UK @ PLASA 2018
Area Four Industries UK sales team look forward to welcoming you at this year’s PLASA Show...
You know what. We SHOW you how!
Today Area Four Industries launches the world’s first trussing and rigging internet TV channel ...
FTH40 + FTH52 Flyintowers Raising your sound to new heights
In order to offer a load capacity range from 300kg to 2000 kg, LITEC has increased its current range
LITEC strengthens its export sales force
LITEC is proud to welcome its new Export Sales Manager, Jan Cernota, to its growing international sales team...
Louis Teo - Sales Director APAC of LITEC
To augment the growth of LITEC around the world, Louis Teo has been appointed Sales Director for the Asia Pacific region...
MILOS Product Academy in China
MILOS held their annual Product Academy in May at Milos (Guangzhou) Ltd.,...
Discover more with A4!
A4 magazine is an annual publication from Area Four Industries that features revealing interviews with key employees from the group ...
MILOS Product Academy 2018
MILOS held another successful Product Academy last month at the MILOS headquarters and factory in Roudnice nad Labem, Czech Republic...
A double victory for LITEC in Rimini
We wish to thank all of the customers and visitors who came to see us at this year’s Music Inside Rimini (MiR) exhibition. Reactions to our new heavy-duty MyT Virtue truss...
Tomcat - new stock on the west coast
If you’re located on or near the west coast, or western Canada, you can now consider TOMCAT and JTE your next door neighbors! Yep, TOMCAT and JTE have just established...
Unveiling the Truth Behind Truss
Norbert Tripp completely exposed the secrets of truss and its inner workings at the LLB Expo (Ljud Ljus Bild) in Stockholm, Sweden, which is held once every two years.
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