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[LITE]COM relies on DST for their scenic movement

The German-based rigging company [LITE]COM, which has its roots in Denmark, has invested in the new Dynamic Stack Track System (DST) from our EXE Technology brand. DST is a traverse system with integrated rails to move, lift and rotate any object.

"Scenic movement will certainly be the future of upcoming tour productions. With the DST (DYNAMIC STACK TRACK) system, we invested in a scalable system solution that gives us the opportunity to best meet the growing demands of everyday touring. The comprehensive DST product portfolio offers many possibilities for scenic movement. I have been on the lookout for a finished system solution for some time and have now found one that convinced me immediately," said [LITE]COM CEO Mathias Sonntag.

The black powder-coated DST52 system, which rides on dollies with master, slave and cable trolleys, is stocked in large quantities at the Erfurt warehouse and ready for use on upcoming tours. The system will have its first outing at the TALENT Show in Denmark.

The EXE designed DST system comes in two sizes - DST52 and DST66. Both systems are available with powder coating, a circular segment and dollies. The large range of accessories for motorised and rotating trolleys allow for absolute freedom of movement when combined with chain hoists. With "move, turn and lift", suspended loads can be moved to all areas of the stage.
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