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T-Bar, solution for your lighting!

Enjoy complete lighting freedom with our T-Bar attachment. The T-Bar allows for lifting your light fixtures up to 6.5 m (21.33 feet) with a Mobiltechlifts ML2 lift, thereby releasing the limitations imposed by support structures as a lighting fixture hanging point.
The T-Bar comes in two versions, round bar and square bar, for providing you with a wide range of hanging options.

ML2-TB3 Round T-Bar
  • 50mm (2”) tube
  • ML2-A55-35 adapter required
ML2-TB6 Square T-Bar
  • 30mm (1.18”) square tube
  • Comes with 6x bolts & wingnuts for lighting fixtures
  • ML2-A55-35 adapter required
Read more about the ML2-TB3 Round T-Bar here.

Read more about the ML2-TB6 Square T-Bar here.
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