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Building a Bridle - Deck Chain

Building a Bridle (Deck Chain)
In the next in our continuing series focusing on rigging techniques and terminology, Siobhan Colleen takes a close look at the correct way to use a full deck chain when building a bridle with five active links.
Emphasising the importance of not allowing the chain to ‘bind up’ on itself, Siobhan demonstrates how the last link in the chain attaches itself to the basket shackle where the motor hook would normally go.
Pointing out that the first link of the chain should be attached to the bridle junction or the rest of the bridle leg, Siobhan warns of the importance of having the deck chain as close to the rock and roll basket as possible if you have a bridle leg continuing to the bridle junction.
As ever, Siobhan focuses on rigging best practices to provide maximum safety in the workplace. Be sure not to miss this latest video on A4I.tv. - here.
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All the videos will be broadcast on A4I. tv – First Trussing & Rigging Television.
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