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Discover the LiteCAD Evolution CAD Truss Structure Configurator

LiteCAD Evolution is a dedicated cloud-based truss configuration software with intuitive Drag & Drop architecture. You are provided with a tool that allows for the extremely quick and easy creation of technical layouts and visualisations of your LITEC truss structures.
Select from a vast database of products enhanced with a continuous expansion program that provides access to the greatest range of truss solutions, so all of your creative and technical needs are met.
Automatic updates to the system library on each login gives you access to the widest and latest range of products and accessories. The system also features a custom parts configurator for special set-ups. To ensure complete and valid information, the software features real-time processing of all LITEC parts required for constructing your creative truss structures, such as truss, corners, connections and accessories.
LITEC’s configurator development team is committed to creating system libraries for the complete range of LITEC products.
The configurator currently supports the following “American” LITEC products:
  • QX25SA
  • QX30SA
  • QX40SA
  • QH30SA
  • QH40SA
  • RH40SA
  • L-Wall
  • Towerlift 3
LITEC provides the tools to virtually build your ideal LITEC structure!
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